Our Goal

Is to focus on capturing the emotion and meaning of marriage through imagery and storytelling. 

Every video we create uniquely tells the story of your special day.

Our Style

We take a candid and unobtrusive approach towards documenting a couple’s special day.

We blend in, un-noticed by you and your guests.  We believe that the bride and groom are the stars of the day and we are there to record in a candid and respectful manner. We often times get comments such as, "how did you get that shot, we didn't even see you"?

Anticipation is the key to documentary filmmaking and because of our years of experience, we can anticipate where is the best spot to record from at all times.

Pre-Wedding Coverage

We cover all the excitement and preparation leading up to the wedding.  We visit with the bride, groom and wedding party.


Ceremony Coverage

We begin filming as the guests arrive and don't stop until the bride and groom have made their exit . We use multiple portable audio recorders and wireless mics to allow for high quality sound and up to (2) 4K cameras to ensure we capture everything.


Reception Coverage

For the wedding reception, we emphasize the key events, toasts, speeches, and the cake cutting, then weave it into a nice  lively edit. 

We look forward to working with you.  For more information please visit the Contact page.